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Anti-aging cream

There are numerous anti-aging creams on the market, but most of them only cause surface changes. The skin has three layers, and the vast majority of anti-aging creams will not reach past the outermost layer. Other products may pass the outermost skin layer,but present other concerns. An absorbable oral collagen supplement may be a better way to nourish deeper skin layers.

Anti-Aging Creams
Many popular anti-aging creams are collagen ampules. An ampule, also known as an ampoule, is a small vial of something. Coup d'Eclat Marine Collagen Ampoules™ has marine collagen, and ginseng, according to the Skin-Spa website. The Beauty Bridge website advertizes ampules with Collagen Booster Fluid™ that contains chains of amino acids.

Like most skin creams, these anti-aging creams generally don't reach the deeper layer of skin, because the skin has evolved to keep surface substances from entering the body. Skin has stacks of dead skin cells full of keratin that prevent the creams from reaching the deeper layers.

Penetrating Topicals
Certain anti- aging can penetrate beyond the first layer of skin. One example is StriVectin™ which contains a chemical is related to niacin. The Mayo Clinic warns that high levels of niacin can cause side effects. It instructs readers to speak with a healthcare provider before taking any niacin supplement. Because it contains NIA-114, and NIA-114 is closely related to niacin, one may want to consult with a healthcare profession before using StriVectin™.

Fortunately, the body has also evolved a method to efficiently nourish the entire skin. As with any organ, skin gets nutrients from the blood stream which picks them up from the digestive system. An oral supplement follows this path to skin nourishment. Researh suggests that the collagen in TOKI® is digested and absorbed into the blood stream. Then the circulatory system transports it to the deep skin layers.

The typical anti-aging cream may be unable to combat he effects of aging, because it cannot penetrate beyong the first layer of skin. Penetrating anti-aging creams can give rise to other undesireable side effects. Research suggests that TOKI® is a safe, absorbable oral collagen supplement. Collagen gets sent from the digestive system to the skin through blood vessels. For both safety and youthful appearance, TOKI® may be a better option than certain anti-aging creams.

Anti-Aging Options
Collagen Creams Only sits on the surface of the skin
Penetrating Creams May contain niacin or related ingredients.
TOKI® Delivers collagen to the skin through the digestive and circulatory systems


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