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Calcium Anti-Aging Study

A new clinical study published in “Women and Aging: New Research” found that AAACa Calcium (AdvaCAL®) suppressed the calcium levels in red blood cells, reversing a marker associated with aging. Fujita et al note that “aging is associated with progressive calcium deficiency… and calcium of soft tissue and intracellular compartment,” including red blood cells. Supression of calcium in red blood cells by AdvaCAL intake signals that aging conditions may be slowed. In contrast, calcium carbonate also tested in the trial, had no benefit. A serrving of Toki contains 250mg of AdvaCAL calcium.

Change in Red Blood Calcium Levels from
Intake of Different Calcium Supplements

According to the study authors “Supplementation with AAACa [AdvaCAL calcium] caused a significantly more distinct fall in red cell calcium than in than in those given a placebo and also in those supplemented with CaCO3 [calcium carbonate]. Between CaCO3 and placebo supplementation, no significant difference was found. In summary, RBCCa [red blood cell calcium] but not RBC Mg [red blood cell magnesium] increased with age. Supplementing with 900 mg / day calcium as AAACa [AdvaCAL] decreased RBCCa, with augmenting effect in advancing age.”