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Collagen Ampules

Collagen Ampules, also called collagen ampoules, are small vials of collagen. Many companies sell collagen ampules with creams that get applied to the surface of the skin. Each collagen ampule contains enough skin cream for one application. The outer layer of skin is waterproof, which keeps liquids from reaching deeper layers. TOKI is an oral collagen supplement. The nutrients in TOKI reach the deeper layers of skin through the bloodstream. For  deep skin rejuvenation, TOKI may be a better choice than collagen ampules.

Collagen Ampules Are Topical Creams
Several companies offer collagen ampules filled with creams for the surface of the skin. These creams get placed on the outermost layer of the skin called the epidermis. The epidermis is made of dead skin cells that are full of keratin, the same protein that nails are made of. The keratin and lipids makes the epidermis waterproof. This is why you can swim in a pool for an hour and still feel thirsty afterwards. You must drink water if you want the water to get into the body. Keratin forms a strong barrier that keeps chemicals from deeper layers of skin.

Unlike Collagen Ampules TOKI Is an Oral Collagen
TOKI is a  drink containing hydrolyzed collagen protein that research suggests is readily absorbable. TOKI is different than other collagen sources.  TOKI collagen is ingested and absorbed in the small intestine. The lining of the digestive track does not contain a keratin barrier. This is why you can quench thirst by drinking water. Nutrients are readily absorbed through the intestines into the bloodstream. The bloodstream then brings these nutrients all over the body. Blood vessels in the lower layers of skin (the subcutaneous layer and the dermis) deliver the nutrients from TOKI to these deep skin layers where they can rejuvenate the skin from within.


Skin Layers


Flattened dead skin cells with keratin that makes a water proof layer. Skin creams are applied to the epidermis.


Live skin cells, blood vessels, and collagen that replenish the epidermis. Nutrients in TOKI travel through the bloodstream to the dermis.



Collagen, blood vessels, and fat cells that insulate and protect the body. Blood carries the nutrients in TOKI to the subcutaneous layer.

 The lotions in collagen ampules go on the surface of the skin. Keratin in the outer layer of skin prevents substances from reaching the deeper layers of skin. These deeper layers are supported by blood vessels that transport nutrients from the digestive system to the skin. TOKI is an oral collagen supplement with nutrients that can reach the inner skin layers. This suggests that  TOKI may be better option than collagen ampules.


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