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Forehead Wrinkle Options

The first time a forehead wrinkle appears can be unnerving. This sign of old age is not a welcomed sight for most people. Someone might consider cosmetic surgery to remove a forehead wrinkle. That may be extreme. A less drastic way to reduce the appearance of wrinkles may include taking  a collagen drink mix: TOKI from Lane Labs.

Cosmetic Surgery for a Forehead Wrinkle?
Cosmetic surgery is normally associated with procedures such as facelifts. That type of surgery can take several hours. It starts with the administration of anesthesia. Then the surgeon cuts open the skin. She raises the skin to give her access to the muscles and connective tissue below. The surgeon tightens these tissues. She might also remove fat and skin. Finally, the surgeon drapes the skin smoothly over these tissues and sews it closed.

It takes a while to recover from cosmetic surgery. A doctor removes the stitches after 5 to 10 days. Doctors recommend patients not  smoke nor inhale second hand tobacco smoke for 2 to 4 weeks after the surgery, because this smoke delays healing, and may make scarring worse. Most people can go back to their normal lives in 2 to 3 weeks after the surgery. Sometimes, numbness, roughness, and dryness from the surgery can last for months. Other risks of cosmetic surgery include reactions to the anesthesia, internal bleeding, infection, nerve damage, hair loss, tissue loss and scarring. . Some people expect to look like 20 years younger after cosmetic surgery, but this is unrealistic. It's important to talk to a doctor about expectations before cosmetic surgery to avoid disappointment.

Collagen For Aging
A forehead wrinkle appears as we  age, because the skin is less able to recover from folding during facial expressions. Older skin is drier, thinner, and less elastic. Collagen is a major component of healthy skin. TOKI is a collagen supplement drink from LaneLabs that makes skin more resilient and hydrated. This may reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Taking TOKI is simple. Results have been seen in as little as 45 days. it may be worthwhile to consider an oral collagen drink.

Many famous people go under the knife for cosmetic surgery. Usually surgery is done for more than a forehead wrinkle. Cosmetic surgery is expensive. There is a long recovery time after it. Cosmetic surgery can lead to several health problems. For less extreme concerns like a forehead wrinkle,  consider natural or less invasive options.


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