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Perlane Injections Review

Perlane Injections are made from modified hyaluronic acid. Perlane is a trademark of Q-Med. While other products contain hyaluronic acid from animal sources, Perlane has hyaluronic acid form bacteria. This hyaluronic acid is chemically cross-linked to make is last longer in the body. The Food and Drug administration (FDA)  wrote a report on Perlane. This article is a brief summary of that report. Lane Labs encourages consumers to read the full report to learn all the details about Perlane(r).

Perlane  Injections into the Skin
As with any injection, Perlane® injections put consumers at risk of possible infection. Consumers with compromised immune systems should be cautious about injections including those using Perlane. The FDA also warns that Perlane injections possibly may lead to bruising and bleeding at the injection site. Their report says that consumers with a reduced ability to form blood clots should review their situation with their doctor beforehand.  If Perlane is accidentally injected into or near a blood vessel, it could result in complications.

Other Risks Associated with Perlane Injections
The FDA warns of other risks associated with Perlane injections. Consumers should tell their doctors about any allergies before starting a Perlane injection regiment. Perlane injections may be more  risky for people with allergies to certain types of bacteria. Consumers with any type of skin infection or inflammation, such as pimples or skin sores, should discuss using Perlane injections with their doctor. Perlane injections may possibly cause existing low grade infections to flare up.

According to the FDA or other reports,consumers should avoid other traumas to the skin after a Perlane injection. For example, they should avoid sun lamps and chemical peals. In some cases, Perlane injections may be associated with  dark spots on the skin. This may happen in consumers that have naturally dark skin. Pregnant women, nursing women, people under 18, and people over 65 should review Perlane injections with their doctor first.

Nature  can also deliver collagen to the deep layers of skin. Blood vessels carry nutrients from the digestive system to all the organs of the body, including the skin. The deep layers of skin contain plenty of blood vessels to support skin tissue. A collagen drink mix, such as TOKI from Lane Labs, is absorbed in the small intestine and sent through the body's existing delivery system to the skin, nourishing it from within.

Possible Complications Associated with Perlane Injections
•    Allergic Reactions
•    Infections
•    Bruising
•    Bleeding
•    Dark Spots in the Skin

Perlane injections use needles to insert modified hyaluronic acid into the deep layers of skin. There are risks associated with any injection. Other side effects  can also result from injections. It is best to review all options with your doctor before getting Perlane injections.


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