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Success Stories


Toki clinical trial patients reported:

"This past month I see a tightening of the skin"*

“I noticed my skin seemed brighter and firmer”*

“My overall appearance seems tighter”*

“Overall skin is very soft and pliable. Also wrinkles around the mouth are less obvious”*

“I have noticed that the droopiness at the corners of the my mouth have lifted slightly. My cheek jowls are also slightly more lifted and wrinkles in my eye areas are ever so slightly diminished”*

“I have noticed my skin looks more even. I think there are less wrinkles especially around the eyes”*

“Skin felt slightly tighter and smoother”*

“Skin looked healthier and had a better color”*

“My friend mentioned to me the other day, and I haven’t seen her since around Easter. She asked what kind of make up I used and I didn’t have make-up on”

“Several people commented on the appearance of my skin”

“Family members tell me my skin appears smoother and want to know what I am using”

“Girls in my office noticed change in skin color”*

"My grandson said my eyes look better."*

Three clinical studies measured the benefit of taking Toki collagen drink for aging skin. The first study found a statistically significant improvement in facial appearance after just two weeks and throughout the entire eight week trial. Significant improvement in wrinkling around the eyes and aging around the eyes and face was also noted. The second study found blood collagen levels more than doubled (114%) among women taking Toki for four weeks. In the third study, researchers noted subjective smoothening and moistening of the skin among elderly patients who took Toki for four months. Adverse events observed were minor and included intermittent diarrhea, and nausea. Some clinical trial patients saw no benefit.

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Customer Reviews:

"I love Toki. I receive comments all the time. I was at the doctors today and doctor said to me how great my skin looked for my age."
 Virginia D.

"The dry airplane environment, variable climates [and] eating habits associated with traveling played havoc on my skin...The product works! As long as..I continue to get these excellent results, you have a customer for life. Thanks again."
 P. Hoback

"Yesterday I was told how young I look. I was told I look 40 but I am 57!"
  D. Watten

"I have been a kick boxing instructor and fitness trainer for the last 10 years.  Looking great is extremely important in my profession. With recently having gone through menopause, I started noticing my face was getting thinner and felt like I was losing collagen. My students kept asking me if I was losing weight because my face was getting thin and drawn. I began getting Restylane(r) injections from a doctor every 6 months. A few months ago, two different people mentioned to me that they were using Toki and I definitely noticed a difference in their skin. I decided to give Toki a try. On my next visit to my Doctor, as soon as I walked in the office the girls comments "your skin looks great, what did you do?"  I knew it had to be the Toki. It was the only thing that I had been doing differently. I couldn't believe it!  I am sold on Toki and now don't visit my Doctor as often. Thanks TOKI"
 Denise - Personal Trainer, NJ 

“Toki really makes a difference, not just on my face (though that’s the most noticeable) – but the skin all over my body just has a smoother, nicer texture. It’s a subtle thing, but the skin of my face is smoother. There are fewer discolorations and fine wrinkles. And those little lip lines, the ones that give you a ragged edge when you put on lipstick? They’re gone! When I run out, I notice. It’s  just an amazing product!”*
 Gayla B.