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Toki Reviews

Kat James
Author of 'The Truth about Beauty: Transform Your Life from the Inside Out'
"Toki collagen drink represents a safer, perhaps even health-building alternative or compliment to other models of wrinkle reversal. Clinical research shows a compelling reduction of lines and discoloration in as little as 45 days. And these effects are not just limited to the face."*  read full review

Dr. Linda Page
One of the world's leading natural health and beauty educators. Author of more than 20 books and the besteller 'Healthy Healing A Guide to Self-Healing for Everyone'
"My skin tone is actually purer and more porcelain-like - and not just on my face - I see a change in my skin all over! I highly recommend Toki as a daily protocol for skin health, anti-aging and beauty. I don't want to be without it and neither will you!"*   read full review

Dr. Jonathan V. Wright, MD
Author of Nutrition and Healing Newsletter, January 2008
“[Toki research] certainly appears to disprove the idea that injecting collagen is the only way to prevent it from being broken down by digestion.”*   read full review


Dr. Irwin Kantor, MD
Dermatologist, Principal Investigator of Toki Clinical Study
"The diminished appearance of the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles was impressive. I was even more impressed with the fading of discolored spots on the skin "*

What the Press Say...

"Toki provides significant improvement for periorbital problems including wrinkles... the diminished appearance of the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles was impressive."*   Read full article
–Cosmetic Surgery Times

"Toki significantly improved facial ageing."*   Read full article
–JANA Journal

"Down it three times a day, and within a month and a half... age spots will lighten and your skin texture will be more refined."*   Read full article
–New York Magazine

"Those turned off by the idea of [collagen] injections might be interested to know that it is sold in other forms."   Read full article
–Elle Magazine

A real youth drink? Toki ($195 for a 30-day supply; 888–AGELESS) is the first collagen-replacement drink (it's meant to feed skin from within, where creams can't reach). It diminishes lines and fades spots.*
–Self Magazine

A Drink to Your Skin: The Latest Anti Aging Product is Ingested, not Injected.*
–Fashion Wire Daily

Sarah, a 20-year-old publicist, swears by a Japanese powdered drink called Toki that, when consumed three times a day, works to hydrate skin cells and stimulate collagen production, to give you a more youthful glow.”*
–Nylon Magazine

“I have been taking Toki for 30 days and I love it."
–Fox 5 News

“The Fountain Drink of Youth”   Read full article
–NY Daily News

“The drink contains three essential nutrients to help improve the appearance of the skin: calcium, collagen and hyaluronic acid“*  Read full article
–Medical Spa

“[The] natural collagen drink clinically shown to reduce fine lines and age spots”*   Read full article

“Drink Up to reduce wrinkles”*  Read full article
–National Examiner

"LaneLabs Toki is a collagen drink that helps diminish the signs of aging and improves skin texture."*   Read full article
–Skin Inc.

“Nurture your body from the inside out.”   Read full article
–H Texas Magazine

“Introduced to the U.S. by way of Japan, [Toki] has become a leader in the field of natural beauty aids”   Read full article

“The result is overall improvement in the texture and appearance of the skin, according to the company.”*   Read full article
–Les Nouvelles

“Anyways, I really REALLY really enjoyed this. And am placing an order for my mother ASAP. Had I thought ahead, I would have taken before and after pictures, but now you will just have to take my word for it! – And the word is GREAT!”*   Read full article
–Beauty Snob

“Now I know what you are saying, “drinkable collagen?” Yes, indeed and it is basically a nutritional therapy that is good for your face and whole body.”   Read full article
–Melinda Zook

“Toki has become a leader in the field of natural beauty aids.”   Read full article

“Until now if you wanted to get a little collagen pucker up, you had to go get an injection. But why go for a shot when you drink Collagen at home. Yep, we said drink.”*  Read full article
–Chip Chick

“Toki was introduced as the first collagen drink to help diminish signs of aging and improve texture and appearance, literally leading women to their ‘fountain of youth’”*   Read full article
–Make Up University